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Flash Fiction Photo–March 2017

· The one where I write flash fiction about an old-school cabin ·

March 6, 2017 6 Comments

Flash fiction using photos as inspiration is a monthly feature--the image changes. Today's post connects with a WIP I've had going since 2007.

I’ve been so locked-up with the mundane things. I don’t even think I can function. Alec looked around the simple space taking in the logs standing in the fireplace. This place’ll do fine. I need to get back to the basics.

Seath had shut him out. Her pack had threatened to exile her if she didn’t give him up, and she couldn’t survive without her pack.

They didn’t get it. They understood pack but they surely had never found their other half. Their soulmate. The one that completed them.

Amour Coatu. 

Alec feared they’d never understand–and that was fine, but he needed Seath like he needed air. Escaping present-day trappings will help me wrap my head around this.

He lit the fire in the hearth and moved about the small space. Plastered walls were meant to keep in the heat, but the cold seeped in anyway. Like he had no control over the elements. He didn’t, but in his mind he wanted to exorcise the grip she had on him. His heart clenched as he reached out through the slim thread of their connection to make sure she was okay. Figure out what was going on with her.

Alec, you said you wouldn’t try to contact me. Seath’s voice sounded in his head.


19861754 – old times farmhouse – interior of an old country house with fireplace, kitchen cupboard, ancient mantles and straw broom

I was just checking in–didn’t mean to disturb you. He’d hoped he wouldn’t.


It was a few minutes before she responded. I’m okay. The council of elders is deciding whether they’re going to let me stay or not. So, I’m sure they’re aware–through the pack bond–that you’ve reached out to me. 

He nodded, even though he knew she couldn’t see him. He’d fucked up. I’m sorry. I got to the cabin and I’m struggling to not think about you. I want you with me. There. He’d said it.

I know. It sucks, but I need the pack bond. 

Alec rolled his eyes and stomped around the small room. I can be your pack. We can do this together. Although, he wasn’t entirely sure he could be all she needed.

The fire began to crackle and pop, and Alec crouched low, holding his hands out to warm them. Even though he knew he the chill wouldn’t abate until he held Seath in his arms.

The council has called for me. They’re going to tell me to leave. I have nowhere to go. 

Alec could feel the despair through their link. Track me. Come here. I’ve got you.

I will. I have to go face the music. I love you, Alec. Never question that. 

The bond snapped closed and Alec felt more alone than ever.

He supposed this was a great place to be, if he were to be alone. In the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula, he lurked at the top of the food chain. Deer and Elk roamed freely in this area, and he knew he wouldn’t have to worry about others like him encroaching on his territory.

While he was only about fifteen minutes from his home, and Seath, the distance ate at him like bacteria on a rotting corpse. Creating holes and gaps he knew only Seath could fill.

Like when the Black Plague struck the European continent. He’d been in London at the time, and while the illness wouldn’t affect him, he’d been surviving on willing participants for sustenance at the time. Which meant his food source had become tainted. He’d been a loner–no one knew of his affliction–and he’d liked it that way. He often wished he could go back to a time that was simpler, more straight-forward. Without complications.

Seath made things complicated. Never before had a lycan developed vampiric traits, become a hybrid. She was an anomaly–and one that wouldn’t be tolerated by the only family she’d known for the past twenty-some years. Since she’d found them–while the vampire part of herself lay dormant.

Alec? Seath opened the link between them. I’m coming. The council said I can leave, but never return. They want me out of the area in the next three months–and you, too. They’re blaming you.

Come to me, and we’ll figure it out. They’re giving us grace because they don’t want to harm you. It’s a gift.

Her emotions were all over the place–she communicated happiness that she’d be with Alec again soon, but the underlying sadness about the loss of her pack overshadowed her joy. They said no hunting on their land, too. They’re forcing our hand in the middle of winter.

That they were. The pack claimed the entire Peninsula as theirs. Their reach was broad and their reactions to transgressions swift. They weren’t playing. We’ll make it work. See you soon, my love.

There was a twin-sized bed he’d share with her. He hadn’t planned for Seath to be exiled and to be there with him, but it’s exactly what kept the vampire part of him satiated.

Stepping outside with a bucket, he brought in clean snow to melt. She’d need something to calm her nerves and warm her by the time she arrived. Alec figured he had about ten minutes if she didn’t have her things packed. Which she probably did.

She would need his strength to survive her exile. She’d need to survive the breaking of the pack bond and establish one with him as her alpha. Alec needed to be strong for her–something he didn’t know if he could do. Her feelings of brokenness and the scattered way her thought patterns disrupted his calm, cool, and collected intentions had him over a barrel.

He could do this–manage to keep his shit together–for her. He just had to come up with a plan.

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    Kris Norris

    March 6, 2017

    I like where you took this. I didn’t think about vampires or werewolves. Poor Seath. Is this part of a longer project?

    • Reply


      March 6, 2017

      It is–something I have to pretty much rewrite, methinks. I started it in 2007 and have about 35-40k written. Poor Alec has been waiting for his HEA a LONG time!

  2. Reply

    Bronwyn Green

    March 6, 2017

    Have you ever considered putting in links to all the pieces of this story so people can read them all together if they want? 🙂

    • Reply


      March 6, 2017

      Interesting idea–I should look at doing that. Even if the flash fic doesn’t make it into the final MS, it’s interesting to see where my brain went!

  3. Reply

    Jess Jarman

    March 6, 2017

    It’s awesome when a prompt fits a WIP, isn’t it? 🙂 Wonder where this change in circumstance is going to take Alec and Seath… Great job, Dee.

    • Reply


      March 6, 2017

      Thank you 🙂 I’ve been blocked on Alec’s story for a bit, and I don’t know whether this’ll make it into the final MS or not, but it’s got me thinking about his story again!