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Goal Check–Halfway Through the Year

· The one where I have a revelation. ·

June 28, 2017 2 Comments

Monthly Check-In is a regular feature.

I’d like to thank Bubble Witch 3 for my sanity when I could focus on nothing else.

Honestly, the first half of 2017 has sucked. But, if I want to be honest, a bunch of really cool stuff has happened and I just haven’t dealt with it properly.

I mean, what’s new.

However, I do have a plan moving forward.

My son is pretty awesome. He likes to make me laugh. He doesn’t wear glasses–these are my readers.

This is Oldest with my cousin’s son. I love this pic of them <3

This is a pictoral board we put together. My mom was loved.

I use this meme to remember that I have power even when I feel powerless.

This meme is all about finding ‘my people’. I’m still working on this one, but I do know who my friends are.

In the winter, it sucks because it’s cold out.

 I do love my friends, but part of the reason we have this issue is that I don’t live near any of them. And then, life gets in the way.

This is my WTF face. I do this regularly when I’m reading student homework or frivolity on the internet.

Dame Judi FTW. Seriously.

This goes along with the Dame Judi. If I were to be honest, fuck is an integral part of my vocabulary.

Oldest has a wicked sense of humor and sense of social justice.

 Middle is hilarious. Always.

This just makes me laugh.

And, who doesn’t love the Swedish Chef? Part of my childhood–and sometimes I need that.

Selfie with Oldest Stepson & his Wife2B.

This is a coffee can lid. I cut the lip off so I could take a bath. I don’t know where the fuck my tub thing went, but here’s to creativity.

Being a Highlander isn’t a bad thing.

I take methotrexate to manage my rheumatoid arthritis. In higher doses (like, 100X what I take), it’s used for chemotherapy to treat cancer. The meds made me sick as fuck. Like, for days. I had to do trials splitting up the oral dose and that didn’t work. I’ve since switched to an injection and it seems to be better on my system. Jury’s out on whether it controls the inflammation.

Always. Because sometimes people don’t listen when you just say no.

I may or may not be looking at treating my RA a bit more holistically. At least the pain part.

I hate being stuck in traffic. Especially when it’s on the way back from a rheumatologist appointment and I’m tired, but Mr. VampBard was driving…because he loves me.

Let’s talk about bones. I have them, and they’re not as fucked up as they could’ve been.

This is what I look like when I push myself too hard and I’m tired. Don’t be Tired Dee. But, I’m getting stronger every day.

I do actually like teaching–especially teaching writing.

I may have a legging problem…

This is what lunch SHOULD look like.

 I also have to hang dry entirely too much of my wardrobe.

 But Windmills are so peaceful.





Oh, and this happened.



Here’s the thing. On paper, it doesn’t look like I’ve done a damn thing for the first part of 2017–not really. So, I’m not going over that again. But, I’ve survived. I’ve learned a lot about myself–and that has to count for something. I’m looking at being healthier during the second half of the year and making sure my habits are rock-solid. While I may have written most every day in June, I didn’t write what I should have been writing. And, that’s okay. I’m making some habits regarding my diet and I’ve quit smoking; as of the day of this post, I’ll have almost two weeks in. Go me. That’s a big thing, in reality.

In July, I’m going to continue with the self-care–massage and chiropractor 2X/month, but I need to keep tracking my food as well so I can stay on this nutrition kick I’ve started on.

I’m going to manage my disease, too. Rheumatoid arthritis kind of sucks ass. I need to make sure I’m: tracking meds and side effects to determine whether I need to take them in different combos. I’m committing to exercising 15 minutes/day (we have a stationery recumbent bike and an elliptical. I can do this). I’m also going to track my sleep and determine whether there’s a correlation to med combos, weather, and activity. Oh, and they Ranaud’s–summer is super hard because: air conditioning. So, I guess taking my gloves, socks, and blanket with me everywhere?

As for the dayjob–my goal is to not bring anything home. To do that, I need to use time effectively and say no. Without saying ‘fuck that shit’. That might get me fired. LOL.

Editing: same-old, same-old.

Writing: I’m laying this out differently this month, and I’m just going to check off whether I wrote that day.

And, because it’s important as fuck, I’m tracking how many days I’ve been smoke-free.


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    Bronwyn Green

    June 28, 2017

    Congratulations on quitting smoking!!! That’s awesome!!! You’re 2 weeks smober. 🙂

  2. Reply

    Torrance Sené

    June 28, 2017

    You are such a fighter and inspiration, lady <3 YOU GOT THIS!