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January 2017

· The one where everything sucks. ·

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Our monthly check-in posts are whatever we want them to be **muahahahah**--a brain dump of what has happened over the past month, how we're doing with our monthly/yearly goals...whatever we want!

I’m not even going to lie. January has sucked.

I’ve got writing goals and editing goals set, but due to some unforseen circumstances (which I’ll get into below) I’ve been unable to even remotely address those goals.

At the beginning of the month, I found out I needed to go to the school where I do educational consulting for special education twice a week until approximately mid-February. Yeah. It’s what’s best for the students and keeping up on paperwork, but I really didn’t have time to be gone an additional day every week. I figured, short-term, it wouldn’t be bad and the money’s always nice.

Then, on January 12, my mom passed away suddenly. In her sleep. Peacefully. That, in and of itself, is a blessing during this really difficult time. I didn’t realize how much there would be to take care of. Because I’m the oldest of two, I was very involved in everything–from writing her obituary to writing up something to be read at her funeral, the funeral planning, and taking care of things that needed to be transferred into my dad’s name due to her death. I’ve been to the secretary of state office, Social Security, the financial planner, and a host of other places.

I’m keeping a list of things to do/address. Because that’s what I do. Keep track of what needs doing. We’re not addressing the elephant-in-the-room: how I’m really dealing with things. It’s…hard. For my introverted self, I haven’t had the time to really deal with my emotions and think I’m probably compartmentalizing a lot. Which I do. My mom wouldn’t have wanted me to put my life on hold indefinitely–she was always all about taking care of business.

Now, it’s the end of January and I have a few authors I edit for that need manuscripts completed, and I have I word count for the month to meet. While I’ve completed one edit and written the first chapter of a novella I need to get to my editor at the end of the month–which I will do–the authors are being extremely wonderful and know I’ll have their stuff to them by the end of next week at latest–but I’m still playing catch-up. I anticipate that by the actual end-of-the-month, I’ll have completed all but one of the edits this month and written a novella. I have that sucker planned–I just need time at my computer to actually write it. I’ve been taking my laptop with me when I go places, but since I prefer to write in Scrivener–my laptop is a PC, desktop where I do the bulk of my writing is a Mac and they don’t (to the best of my knowledge) work interchangeably, I’ll need to copy/paste the chapter I’ve written on my phone (in Google Keep) into Scrivener. Easy-peasy.

Then, there was the cluster fuck that is our current government. I’d also be lying if I said this hasn’t affected me negatively. I worry about the state of our nation and what my kids will have to deal with in the future as a result of the legislation taking place. I’ve been politically active, sending 3am emails to legislators and making phone calls when I have time.

If I had to guess–because I haven’t been using either of my trackers–I’ve edited around 40K words this month (to date), and written around 5K fiction. If I factored in blog posts, my mom’s obituary, and the sort-of eulogy, I’m closer to 10 or 15K words. I only count fiction, though.

February will be better. I have a handle on everything and plan to get things done. Even if it means going back to the late night editing & writing sessions temporarily–until I’m caught up and free up one day per week for writing and editing.

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