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Manhattan Melody–Excerpt

· The one where I share a little Mia & Leo hotness. ·

May 31, 2017 0 Comments

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Leo nuzzled into her hair, near her ear, and inhaled deeply. No idea what she uses for shampoo, but it’ll be part of my undoing. A sigh escaped his lips, and he melted into Mia.

She nestled her head beneath his chin and slid her fingers under his threadbare, black, good luck T-shirt. She placed her palm firmly against his back and splayed her fingers, covering as much skin real estate as possible.

She fits perfectly.

Nestling into him, he thought he’d never felt anything that was so right—not even playing his bass. He stopped moving, the realization causing his heart to race and he felt a sheen of sweat slick his brow.

Tilting her chin upward, she asked, “Scary, right?”


“Realizing this is probably more than a weekend fuckfest. You feel so right.”

He leaned back, creating space between them, so he could see her face when he spoke. “Really scary. I think you fill in some of the blanks I had.” He palmed the long column of her neck and fit his fingers into the notches of her spine.

They reached for one another, and when their lips met for the first time, it was merely a brush. And another. Then, he became more insistent. Pouring all the desire he had for Mia into the kiss, his tongue probed to gain entrance and then swept across plump flesh when she opened for him.

Her moans and gasps in response to his kiss drove him forward—hottest sounds he’d ever heard. His cock throbbed painfully behind his zipper, and he wished they didn’t have two more sets to play. His fingers tangled in the hair at her nape, and he tugged, causing her head to tip backward and her lips to part even more. It took every ounce of strength he had to keep from drawing her even closer and deeply, recklessly kissing her until their mouths melded into one entity.

Pulling back, he drew in a ragged breath and exhaled slowly before he kissed her forehead and stepped away. “I probably have about five minutes, but I think that will tide me over through two more sets.”

Mia smiled. “I’ll probably have to promise Jared we won’t do this again—and that you didn’t fuck me on a case of beer.”

“We could have.”

“We could, but we didn’t.” She was quiet for a few moments before she said, “It’s weird. I’ve never been the type of person who would—”

“Fall under someone’s spell?”

She nodded.

“Same. I’ve always been the cautious, logical one.”

“But, I think there’s something really different between us—something I’ve never experienced before.”

“And, I think if we qualify this as a weekend fling, we’re doing ourselves a great disservice.”

“You don’t have to logic me. I get it.”

She tucked under his chin again, and he felt her sigh.

“You want to just go back to your place right now, don’t you.”

She nodded her head against his chest.

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