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Book Birthday!

· The one where I pimp my new title. ·

May 30, 2017 2 Comments

Leo Shutter is the bassist for the band Flash. He's been touring mid-sized cities playing bars, waiting for the band's big break. He's never been a chick magnet--he leaves that to the band's frontman & guitarist Anthony Marco, and the drummer Geno Seretti.
Mia Vane, a recent college graduate with a masters degree in ancient literature, slings drinks to make ends meet while she teaches three sections of collegiate literature during the day.
When Mia and Leo have an immediate, undeniable connection, things heat up in cool places over the course of the weekend.
Leo wears his emotions on his sleeve and sulks as they travel to their next destination. After a deep conversation with Geno about life, love, and music Leo decides Mia is the one—which inspires the best lyrics he’s ever written.
Will Leo and Mia connect in a harmonious convergence or resolve to a bitter life without the other?

Mia and Leo have been two of my favorite characters to write. While their story is relatively short–under 50K–their story burns hot.

So, I thought I’d give a little background on my inspiration for Manhattan Melody.

Dream cast: a bearded Ryan Gosling (with darker hair) and Natalie Portman.

Writing playlist: my a capella channel on Pandora.

Book Playlist:

Well, that got a little out-of-hand. Check back tomorrow afternoon for an excerpt! In the meantime, if you didn’t pre-order, be sure to get your one-click on via Books2Read! (Links will be updated as they become available!)




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    May 31, 2017

    Congrats!! Sounds great! Will it be available on Amazon/Kindle?

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      May 31, 2017

      It is 🙂 Books2Read is a great service–they house all the links for all retailers! While it might be more than just one-click (two, actually…until you use it the first time), linking to all the different versions/different retailers is ONE link to all vendors!