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Monthly Check-In: May 2017

· The one where I do a reality check. ·

May 26, 2017 2 Comments

Monthly Check-In is a regular feature. Results may vary.

May was supposed to be the month I got back on track. It didn’t happen for a variety of reasons.

Here’s how it played out:

Editing: The beginning of the month sucked, but I…caught up. I nearly killed myself doing it, but I managed. All done–except a couple chapters I owe someone that’ll actually be done by the end-end of the month.

Writing: I had four things I wanted to do.

  • Keep up on blog posts. #winning
  • Succeed with #WriteLifeMay. All images created but something janked up on the posting. Will catch up. #winning
  • Finish July release. Almost. I think I have another 5K left. 
  • Write August release. Hahaha. No. 


  • IEPs Pre-Scheduled & Written. I’m going to call this a #win because the only stuff I have left to do is stuff that came in DURING the month of May–imagine that, over-due re-eval. *eyeroll*
  • Grading up-to-date with no late days. Hellz yeah, baby. I’ve got this! #winning
  • Prep ahead! I think I should call this one mastered because I’ve got prep done for the whole rest of the unit we’re on now, and I have most of the next done, too. Just copying left. #winning


  • Massage twice a month. #winning
  • Self-advocate for health care. I’m putting a gold fucking star on this one. THIS GIRL has an appointment with a good rheumatologist! #winning
  • Be present. This one also goes in the #winning category. The only time I pick up my phone when spending time with family is when one of my off-to-school kids texts me. 
  • Journal daily. This is also a #win because I have journaled daily, but it’s evolved into something…different. 

So, with the beginning of June comes a few changes.


  • Finish all MS I’ve committed to.
  • Do not accept any last-minute stuff.


  • Write on the projects with due dates every day.
  • Keep up on blog posts.
  • Write August and one October title.


  • Finish the normal school year strong.
  • Don’t go to work during the one-week break.
  • Have a plan for summer school before summer school actually starts. You know, if I ever find out what I’m for sure teaching.


  • Massage twice a month.
  • Continue self-advocating for healthcare.
  • Walk for exercise at least twice a week.
  • Journal daily.

That’s it for me. Check out how everyone else did:

Bronwyn  |  Jess



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    Bronwyn Green

    May 26, 2017

    Good job keeping up on everything!