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Top 10 Ways I Procrastinate

· The one where I give up all my procrastination secrets. ·

June 7, 2017 2 Comments

Top 10 is a monthly feature. The things change, and sometimes I break the rules.

I’m really awesome at procrastinating. There’s no way to get around that. Sometimes, I think I procrastinate because I just can’t get ‘into’ what I’m supposed to be doing or my psyche is telling me I need downtime. Welcome to the 21st Century–where we all over-schedule ourselves and have each day structured from the time we wake up until we put our heads on the pillow at night–at a scheduled time.

I guess, to understand why I am in the horrible procrastination conundrum, my daily schedule is a little important.

Monday-Friday, I work a #dayjob teaching. I’ve been teaching for 25 years, now. I’ve got this stuff on-lock. It’s easy for me. I can differentiate instruction on-the-fly, and I can change my lesson plans to suit my students’ needs–even if the execution is MUCH different from my plan–based on their prior experiences. I have medical stuff going on that requires diligence, on my part, and that takes energy. I love editing, but my dream has always been writing. Having gone back to work after a 9-month hiatus, the dayjob sucks up a good part of the day, now. When I was home, I was better about not procrastinating.

So. Ways I procrastinate.

  1. Planning. OMG, I’ll BuJo or mess with my Wunderlist or Google Calendar for HOURS.
  2. Making graphics. I suck at it, but I’m getting better b/c of the IG challenges.
  3. Surfing stock photo sites for models that will be the inspiration for projects. Seriously. Stock sites are black holes for time.
  4. Journaling. I’m using Google Keep to do some journaling right now (to save my hands, and I can use it on my phone or computer). In reality, I should make this a priority.
  5. Searching for info about meds, treatments, etc., for the RA. Latest: splints to straighten my fingers.
  6. Looking for my “unicorn” leggings (in case you’re wondering, LuLaRoe made a pair with owls wearing headphones & there were music notes…I need those in Tall & Curvy, but I think they only made them in OS).
  7. Attempt housework. Abandon said attempt when Mr. VampBard tells me he’ll handle it so I can save my hands. And he does.
  8. Researching anti-inflammation diets. Researching whether being vegetarian has any benefits for RA (inconclusive–need to read more white papers).
  9. Surfing FB groups specifically related to RA and the meds used for it, looking for the ‘magic wand’.
  10. Jotting down ideas for new stories. Seriously. I shouldn’t be allowed to add any more to my TBW (to-be-written) list without finishing stuff, first.

So, after looking at how I procrastinate, I guess I should build some downtime into my schedule. Huh? Doesn’t really work that way. It’s rather depressing if I plan to do something I love doing and realize I can’t because of the RA. The only reason I can type is that I have an awesome keyboard and a roller-ball mouse. Little movement required to make shit happen. I can’t play my saxophones anymore, and I can’t knit, paint, draw, or craft. I’m hoping that changes, though, as I have a new rheumatologist on-board (Thanks, Kellie!). And, if I were to be super honest with myself, I’m still in the stages of grief. Having a schedule really helps–until it doesn’t, and then I feel like a failure.

Check out how everyone else procrastinates!

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    Bronwyn Green

    June 7, 2017

    I’m definitely familiar with the over scheduling. 🙁

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    June 7, 2017

    Over scheduling? Isn’t that just life, lol. I’m familiar with lots on this list… just might be looking up different stuff, lol.